Star-Crossed CD Box Set (Limited Edition)

Star-Crossed CD Box Set (Limited Edition)

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The star-crossed Limited Edition CD Box Set includes:

· The star-crossed album on CD
· One pack of rhinestone stick-on tears (wear while listening)
· One star-crossed temporary tattoo sheet
· One embroidered Breadwinner patch
· One 5" x 5" album art card (autographed or standard)
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  1. star-crossed 
  2. good wife
  3. cherry blossom
  4. simple times
  5. if this was a movie..
  6. justified
  7. angel
  8. breadwinner
  9. camera roll
  10. easier said 
  11. hookup scene
  12. keep lookin' up 
  13. what doesn't kill me
  14. there is a light
  15. gracias a la vida