Refillable Lighter FAQ


Below you will find troubleshooting tips from Tsubota Pearl, the lighter manufacturer.

First step: please make sure you have filled your lighter with premium lighter fluid, following the directions that come in the box. Do not fill your lighter with butane.

When flint lighters (refillable lighters using flint stones to spark, which are consumable items requiring periodic replacement) contain a full-length flint stone, as would be the case when they are new or refilled with a new flint stone, the wheel will be stiff. 

Another reason the wheel is stiff is because the flint stone has to make contact with the wheel with a certain amount of tension, or they cannot produce a spark. The tension is set according to our many years of experience.

This is due to the square shape of the new flint stone hitting the wheel. Its corners will get rounded with use, and flicking the wheel becomes much less resistant and smooth.

If the wheel feels stiff, please try the following:

1. Turn the wheel backwards

2. Press down and push forward a few times on a non-damageable or ’scuffable’ surface with traction -- an old magazine, cutting mat, etc. Only try this method when lighter is not fueled

The wheel on every lighter is individually QC-ed twice for a spark (there will be no spark without the wheel turning) and to ensure functionality. In case movements during shipment have caused the flint stone to get stuck or misaligned, please try the above mentioned breaking-in techniques, this is not a defect.

Flint stones eventually must be replaced before it wears out. Otherwise, the wheel will not turn. Zippo brand flint stones are compatible, and there is also a 1x replacement flint in the ‘flint pocket’ of the lighter (as shown in the lighter manual/fold-out).

Unfamiliarity with flint/petrol lighters can cause confusion, but this will clear up most misunderstandings.

Please see this page for diagrams and directions/troubleshooting that should be helpful.